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K-Krete® Controlled Density Fill

Kuhlman Corporation has perfected a unique concrete-based product known as K-Krete® Controlled-Density Fill (CDF).

K-Krete® is engineered to produce a flowable fill that does not require compaction, does not shrink or settle, and is competitive with compacted, granular fill. From its revolutionary invention in Toledo, OH in the 1960's by Kuhlman Corporation engineers, K-Krete is now used and specified worldwide.

K-Krete is used instead of compacted aggregates and other materials for backfilling around pipes, conduits, sewers/culverts, pilings and foundation walls. It can also be used as a subbase for floor slabs and similar structural components.

K-Krete combines the cost advantages of granular fill with the structural strength of backfilling by fluid hydraulic materials. Utilizing a special blend of cement, water, and pozzolanic materials, K-Krete is mixed specifically for individual job requirements, with the primary design considerations being strength, durability and density.

Four decades of bridges, sewer systems, underground utility lines, floor slabs and basement walls throughout Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan owe the strength and stability of their foundations to K-Krete Controlled-Density Fill.

Here's what K-Krete offers:

When you add up all these features, you'll find that K-Krete is the best value for your backfill needs.

K-Krete is the "missing link" between standard granular fill and concrete. Any other approach will take longer, cost more and not perform as well.