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Architectural Concrete

Make a Lasting Impression with Architectural Concrete

Better buildings take shape with architectural concrete. Architects, engineers, specifiers and designers all appreciate the incomparable versatility of concrete. Contractors enjoy the ease of installation. Concrete is the material of choice for architectural excellence.

  • Its Versatile
    The flexibility of concrete invites imagination and innovation, allowing designers the utmost in creativity. Add white cement and pigment for a vast selection of colors. Choose smooth glass-like finishes or bold rough textures to complement the color. Your design options are virtually unlimited.
  • Its Durable
    Concrete structures built today maintain their appearance tomorrow. Cast on-site structures made of concrete resist rot, decay, chemicals, and vermin to provide permanence unequaled by other building materials.
  • Its Safe
    Solid concrete construction preserves life and property from fire, high winds and hurricanes. Concrete structures are often the only thing left standing in the wake of natural disasters.
  • Its Economical
    Architectural concrete works twice as hard as other building materials. Strong enough to support any type of loading, properly reinforced concrete can take on any appearance and form that you give it without the expense of additional cladding.

Add color and texture to enhance the beauty and flexibility of the most widely used building material…concrete.

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