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K-Krete® Flowable Fill

Kuhlman Corporation has perfected a unique concrete-based product known as K-Krete® Controlled-Density Fill (CDF).

K-Krete® is engineered to produce a flowable fill that does not require compaction, does not shrink or settle, and is competitive with compacted, granular fill. From its revolutionary invention in Toledo, OH in the 1960’s by Kuhlman Corporation engineers, K-Krete is now used and specified worldwide.

K-Krete is used instead of compacted aggregates and other materials for backfilling around pipes, conduits, sewers/culverts, pilings and foundation walls. It can also be used as a subbase for floor slabs and similar structural components.

k-krete1K-Krete combines the cost advantages of granular fill with the structural strength of backfilling by fluid hydraulic materials. Utilizing a special blend of cement, water, and pozzolanic materials, K-Krete is mixed specifically for individual job requirements, with the primary design considerations being strength, durability and density.

Six decades of bridges, sewer systems, underground utility lines, floor slabs and basement walls throughout Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan owe the strength and stability of their foundations to K-Krete Controlled-Density Fill.

Here’s what K-Krete offers:

  • Versatility
    Use K-Krete everywhere you now use compacted soil-testing or aggregates: Backfilling trenches. Building foundations. Paving subbase. Floor fills. Pipe bedding. Culverts. Shoring. Pilings. Underpinning. Pavement restoration. Plus special uses, such as filling abandoned tanks and sewers, or as a structural stabilizer to reduce settlement.
  • Uniformity
    K-Krete has a density range of 100-150 pounds per cubic foot, and you can select strengths from 50–1400 psi. K-Krete can be tested using most ASTM standard soil testing procedures.
  • k-krete2Workability
    K-Krete flows in any weather, so it distributes itself quickly and evenly around pipes and footings. Yet it can be easily removed or excavated without shoring for utility repairs or building alterations. K-Krete is poured directly from the ready-mix truck in a highly fluid, even and smooth state, and can be pumped using conventional concrete pumping equipment. No finishing is required.
  • Durability
    K-Krete is not corrosive. It exerts similar hydraulic pressures as gravel, yet it has better bearing capacity. It prevents cracks and other surface failures by reducing settlement and provides uniform density without segregation. K-Krete offers full support in critical areas and offers high lateral resistance when there are changes in pipe dimensions.
  • Economy
    Since no granular fill is required when you backfill with K-Krete, there’s no need for a labor crew to move aggregate into place or to compact material. No stockpiling of fill or conventional spreading is needed. No contractor equipment needs to be tied up. No leveling. No shoring. No pipe damage. No long wait for materials to settle because K-Krete supports normal loads in as little as four hours after pouring, depending on weather and site conditions.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    K-Krete is environmentally sound. It preserves the earth’s resources of valuable and increasingly scarce aggregates for more essential applications. With K-Krete you save the environment, while saving on construction time and labor.

When you add up all these features, you’ll find that K-Krete is the best value for your backfill needs.

K-Krete is the “missing link” between standard granular fill and concrete. Any other approach will take longer, cost more and not perform as well.

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