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Testimonials: Ready-Mixed Concrete and K-Krete

For over two years we have been working with Kuhlman Corporation as our ready-mixed concrete supplier on the TWI Ottawa River Storage Facility in Toledo, OH. As our construction schedule moved forward at a rapid pace, Kuhlman moved right along with us. The total cooperation of their staff, from the sales group, quality-control people, dispatch and mixer drivers, made our work easier as well as very productive. Our pour schedules were met and the quality of the product remained high. We would work with Kuhlman anytime.
Kim Trouteaud, Kokosing Industrial
Your delivery drivers are the BEST! Always polite and courteous and ready to help. They are great representatives of your company! We appreciate your choice in drivers. Thanks!
C. Preston, Progressive Poured Walls
With the help of Kuhlman and their portable plant capability, we placed 85,000 cubic yards of concrete for a 1.6 million square feet distribution center in Luckey, OH. Their plant capacity exceeded our expectations, allowing us to place up to 1,400 yards per day. Working under strict specifications, Kuhlman provided high quality and consistent concrete, day after day. I would like to work with Kuhlman again; we made a good team.
Jack Grantham, The Conlan Company
Kuhlman really made the bridge job for us on I-475 and U.S. 23 … without you guys we could have never met our schedule … the concrete performed great … thanks.
Brad Miller, Miller Bros. Construction
Kuhlmans, we want to thank you for your excellent service to us all year–all departments, all personnel. We look forward to working with you again next year.
J.D. McMillen, J.D. McMillen Concrete Construction
GREAT JOB! Your concrete is great and your Concrete Customer Service people are outstanding to deal with. I travel all over the country and your drivers are some of the best I have run across.
Dave Wellert, Northern Industrial Contracting
I want to thank you, your drivers and your Company for working with us on getting the job done this past Friday at Buckeye Terminals. After a rough start on our end, all is well–a job well done. If I am hired to do the next tank, I will be in contact with you again for your service.
Eugene Penepent, Western New York Concrete
We have been working with Kuhlman Concrete since we began our first project earlier this year at Babcock Ranch. Everyone at Kuhlman has been very easy to work with and were very accommodating with us as a new company. Their service is flawless and they are extremely dependable, even on a last-minute rush order. The professionalism in every department from Dispatch, Quality Control, Sales and Accounts Receivable is unbeatable. Our sales representative has been fantastic to work with.
Connie Nabor, American Infrastructure Services
This is my pleasure to write an e-mail to Kuhlman Corporation, where I spent almost four months with overwhelming support and encouragement. The four months was not only a great job experience for me, but also gave me a chance to learn the American construction industry. I think Kuhlman did the best justice to me and gave me a place to shine.
Suman Paneru, MTM-CM, Bowling Green University Graduate Student and Kuhlman Summer Intern
The quality of concrete placed at North Star Steel consistently exceeded design requirements. With the flexibility of on-site batching, Kuhlman reacted to our demands on short notice and we met a demanding schedule of placing 80,000 cubic yards of various mix designs in eight months.
Jim Philo, Rudolph/Libbe
My first question was “Who is Kuhlman Concrete?” as I had never had the opportunity to use your services. The new Boston Red Sox Park was under a very tight schedule (and quality constraints) which opened the door for your company to show us your ‘stuff’ so to speak. I am very pleased to say that Kuhlman Concrete stepped up to the plate and hit a home run with both quality and schedule. The ‘backward trucks’ were kept busy placing the concourse walkways; both grey and colored concrete morning, noon, and night. Needless to say we made opening day and for that I say ‘Thank You’ for your service and I look forward to using Kuhlman Concrete again on future projects.
Paul Wharren, Manhattan Construction
The time you spent talking with our apprenticeship students the weeks of March 23 and March 30 was very much appreciated. Your expertise in teaching concrete form work made a good impression on the students.
Northwest Ohio Carpenters Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee
I just thought I would drop you a note complimenting the Kuhlman Corp. for a job well done. We all realize that scheduling and pouring caissons has its unique challenges. From dispatcher to driver service, quality was outstanding.
John Bennett, Toledo Caisson Corporation
I appreciate the quality and service Kuhlman Corporation provided us at our Detroit Avenue deck pour last week. I know it did not “just happen”. You coordinated with TolTest, Dick, and our staff to get the job done. I appreciate your service and vital role in making our job a success.
Larry Winkelman, SE Johnson
True to your word, Kuhlman has provided a quality product on time and on schedule. No trucks were turned around, and the slumps were well within the County specs for this project. Sunshine’s crew has managed to deal with some pretty adverse conditions under the watchful eye of Kraft, and still out performed the larger crews on site. I’m glad to say that the County reps, Engineer, Architect, and Kraft have all witnessed this success and commented very positively toward both Sunshine Structures and Kuhlman Concrete. It is obvious that they have made the connection that success is truly a team effort. I look forward to a continued success with both of you here and on future projects.
Tom Del Torto, Chris-Tel Construction
I have worked with the entire Kuhlman team for several years now. Recently we worked together on a project that required very specific mix designs above and beyond industry standards. Once the dust settled, Kuhlman’s quality control department convinced the engineer of record that what was requested was not a good product, and what was actually suggested by Kuhlman and used will be incorporated in future projects with this engineer. Not only does their QC department provide stellar mixes, but their service shines as well.
Russ McCone, South Coast Concrete
Bureau Concrete guarantees its projects. In the long run it costs less to use top-quality material, such as Kuhlman concrete. What we buy from Kuhlman is consistent quality, know-how and service–concrete delivered right when we need it. I don’t want to pay a crew to sit around and wait. We’ve tried other suppliers. Now we buy most of our material from Kuhlman because we rely on the company’s expertise, its problem-solving abilities, and excellent dispatching.
Mike Bureau, Bureau Concrete
Kuhlman’s quality and service are excellent. Its people are knowledgeable and great to work with. I wish I could use Kuhlman on all my jobs across the country.
Ken Tucker, Cemrock Landscape, Inc.
K-Krete CDF saves us time and labor because we don’t need to compact backfill. What’s also great is that we can customize its formulation to best meet a project’s particular needs.
Bob Jones, UCONCO
Of all the projects we’ve built with high-performance concrete, we’ve had the best results with Kuhlman concrete. Kuhlman was excellent to work with when we rebuilt the City Park Bridge over Swan Creek for the City of Toledo and State of Ohio. Drivers were always on time; the pace of the pour was steady; and the concrete consistency was superb.
Doug Sheely, Mosser Construction, Heavy Highway Division
Back in 1960, poured concrete walls were a cutting-edge concept. Kuhlman personnel worked closely with us to develop and promote this new idea. It’s been a win-win situation. We continue to work together to improve what we do.
Jim Bigelow, Northwest Concrete Wall
On a tilt-up project, when you need 120 yards an hour, you must have 120 yards an hour. Kuhlman’s quality control is excellent and the concrete is consistent. I’d give Kuhlman an A+ all around.
Danny Grabarczek, Rudolph/Libbe
Preparation is critical, and this is an area where Kuhlman excels. We scheduled four night pours and everything went like clockwork. I wish all our jobs went so well.
Shawn Gleckler, E.S. Wagner, Co.
We’ve used K-Krete CDF successfully in numerous applications. In the long run, its labor-saving qualities make it more economical than conventional backfill for most projects.
Bill Franklin, City of Toledo
Over the past year, it has been a privilege to work with Linda Mehtlan and the entire Kuhlman Concrete team. Linda diligently pursued our business and it has been Allen Concrete that has reaped the rewards. Kuhlman Concrete has succeeded in an area already saturated with competition. They have done so not only with price, but with outstanding service, concrete knowledge and commitment to customer relations.
Richard Higgins, Allen Concrete
I think that when somebody does something well they need to be told about it. Please convey my complete satisfaction to your people. You have a class act; you really do. I appreciate your help. Good luck and thank you.
Dave Sauter, Rudolph/Libbe, Inc.
Best of the Best–The 1996 Winner for Concrete Products: Kuhlman Concrete-Monroe.
Monroe Evening News, Reader Choice Awards
I understand Kuhlman Concrete is contending for the BIA Supplier of the Year award. In my book, they are the finest ready mix concrete company in the state of Florida. We have worked with several Florida concrete companies over the past two years, but none can compare to the service we have received from Kuhlman.
Jim Green, JBL General Contractors
Thank you so much for participating in our vehicle day at Birmingham School. We realize that you are very busy and we appreciate the time you spent interacting with the children. The boys and girls were thrilled to have such a display of concrete trucks and they looked forward to your coming. Your caring and commitment to children was demonstrated by this visit to Birmingham School.
Birmingham Grade School Teacher
Kuhlman Concrete always offers Cougar Contracting quality materials, professional service and competitive pricing for our concrete needs. They work well with our field personnel to adjust mix designs to our specific needs and job requirements. Overall, our business relationship with Kuhlman Concrete is excellent. Their people provide quality materials and timely delivery. Our crew foremen request Kuhlman trucks and material over any other area supplier.
Tim Hurley, Cougar Contracting Specialties, Inc.
Count us in as fans of Kuhlman Concrete. I am completely satisfied. We use Kuhlman because of the terrific job their people do: The #1 reason is their people. They really know concrete. The #2 reason is that Kuhlman’s service is excellent. The #3 reason is that Kuhlman personnel are always very responsive. If there ever is an issue, they listen and correct it right away. They are always pleasant to customers and their attitude is great.
Joe Van Cavage, Gulf Coast Precast, Inc.
Kuhlman Concrete is very good to work with because the concrete is excellent and deliveries are on time. The company is extremely professional and flexible, including Saturday deliveries and willingness to drive out of the area. We always have the backing of the plant. If there are any problems, the Kuhlman people are there to help you. Drivers are polite and the trucks are always clean. If we buy 10 yards, that’s exactly what we get. We work all over Florida and I’ve bought concrete from everyone. We’ve used Kuhlman Concrete for two years. I know Kuhlman provides much better service than the competition.
Pierre Jarry, Southern State Concrete
Kuhlman Concrete always provides me with excellent service and great custom mixes. I’ve used Kuhlman ever since it opened in Fort Myers because it is much easier to work with than the larger, more corporate concrete suppliers. Kuhlman is always there when I need them.
Ted Lewis, Tedco Corp.
I wanted to let you know what a great job Stan Radabaugh has been doing for us in providing tours of your main facility. He has been giving six tours each year for the past several years for my Introduction to Construction class at Bowling Green State University. The students appreciate the discussion of what goes into the designing of a concrete mix. Even though we discuss it in class, hearing it in depth from an industry expert makes a difference as to what they retain. Talking about the trucks and the central mixer works out to “cement” it in their minds. Thank you for allowing Stan to spend this time with the students.
Kurt Hofmeister, Bowling Green State University
Your people have done an outstanding job on the GSA project, and you’ve established a relationship here that will last for years. Please commend your dispatcher and drivers.
Kevin Wright, Sunshine Structures
Kuhlman Concrete has provided time and time again a ready mixed product that they should be proud of. Our experience with Kuhlman Concrete’s ready-mixed concrete has been the best. We have never had any negative issues with their product (i.e. failed testing, yield issues, etc.). My concrete finishing crews prefers their concrete over any other local supplier. We will continue to use Kuhlman Concrete in the future.
Mike Jaffe, Southern Gulf Construction
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