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Sewer & Water Materials

In keeping with our philosophy of offering a single source of construction supplies, Kuhlman Corporation began providing water and sewer products to contractors and municipalities several decades ago.

Kuhlman-Underground-MaterialsOur extensive Underground Product Line includes:

  • Pipe and fittings.
  • Frames and grates for manholes and drains.
  • Construction fabrics and geogrids.
  • Drainage pipe and trench drains.
  • Valves and fire hydrants; water meters.
  • Curb and corporation stops.
  • Repair clamps, sleeves and couplings.

For information or pricing on these products, call 419/531-2613 or visit our location at Reynolds Road and Central Avenue (Yard 4) in Toledo where we stock many underground products.

We represent such leading manufacturers and products as:

ACO Products

  • Pre-sloped trench drain products

ADS Polyethylene Pipe

  • Corrugated pipe and fittings
  • Polyethylene sumps

ANC Marketing

  • HDPE adjusting rings for catch basins

Birmingham Fastener

  • Core Ten and Core Blue nuts and bolts, stainless steel nuts and bolts

Charter Plastics

  • HDPE water and gas tubing (3/4-2)

Contech Construction Products

  • A2000 sewer pipe
  • Corrugated metal pipe

Curtis Marketing

  • Copper tubing

Diamond Plastics

  • PVC sewer and water pipe

EJ (East Jordan Iron Works)

  • Frames, grates and covers for catch basins
  • Grates for trench drains


  • Megalugs for ductile iron and PVC water line
  • Joint restraints for pipe
  • Retainer glands


  • Flexible couplings for sewer pipe, clay pipe and cast iron pipe


  • Sediment control


  • PVC fittings for schedule 35 pipe and schedule 40 pipe


  • Quick-connect hydrant fittings

Krausz USA

  • Hymax couplers

Linq Fabric

  • Construction fabrics

McWane Ductile

  • Ductile iron water line


  • Fire hydrants
  • Valves
  • Brass fittings
  • Corporation and curb stops
  • Tap machines and accessories
  • Brass saddles
  • Post indicators and valves

National Pipe and Plastics

  • PVC sewer and water pipe

Northern Concrete Pipe Company

  • Concrete pipe


  • Repair clamps and tap sleeves

Tensar International

  • Tensar geogrids

Union Foundry

  • Ductile iron fittings and accessories

Zurn Industries

  • Trench drain
  • Floor cleanouts

The Kuhlman Difference

Contractors look to Kuhman for their sewer and water material needs because of the Company’s knowledgeable people, years of experience, and extensive inventory of products and accessories from leading manufacturers. For assistance, contact Kuhlman at 419/897-6000 or 1-800/669-3309, or phone a Kuhlman branch.

  • Toledo-Yard 4: 3038 N. Reynolds Road, Toledo, OH. Phone 419/531-2613.
  • Akron: 999 Swartz Road, Akron, OH. Phone 330/724-9900.

For all your Underground Product needs, specify Kuhlman Corporation for value, quality and service.

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