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The Concrete Advantage in Parking Lots


Concrete is always the first choice for parking lots. Consider these advantages:

Most Economical Solution

  • Competitive first cost.
  • Proven longer life than asphalt or other materials.
  • Much less expensive per year of average life with proven fewer repairs or maintenance—no resurfacing, frequent sealing or periodic patching required.

Attractive Appearance

  • Bright, clean look creates a positive first impression.
  • Increases resale value of your property.
  • Eliminates sticky tar on shoes, cars or floor surfaces during the summer.

Proven Long Life

  • Strength increases with age.
  • Can be designed to carry heavy trucks and loads without damage.
  • Resists freeze/thaw conditions.

Functional Design Characteristics

  • Established rational design.
  • Integral curb and gutter from the start.
  • Fewer drainage structures needed.
  • Can be easily designed to hold storm water.

Efficient Construction

  • Easy to construct with one-pass completion.
  • Quicker project completion schedule.
  • Minimum excavation needed.
  • Expensive subbases and reinforcement not required.

Greater Safety

  • Excellent light reflectance provides greater visibility.
  • No potholes or ruts to cause hazardous walking or driving conditions.
  • Can be grooved for wet-weather safety.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Doesn’t contain oil.
  • Requires less energy to make than asphalt.
  • Specified by three-out-of-four design professionals concerned about sustainable design.
  • Pervious concrete pavement systems minimize storm water runoff.

Concrete gives you more value for your money in every category!

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