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Trucking Services

trucking1On the job 24/7, with years of responsive and reliable service.

Kuhlman provides the most responsive and dependable bulk trucking service in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan for customers in construction, landscaping, agriculture and rail and water transportation. With over 50 brokered trucks on call around the clock seven days a week, Kuhlman specializes in hauling a wide range of bulk products, including:

  • Construction materials, such as sand, gravel, limestone, decorative stone and topsoil.
  • Rough concrete/asphalt, dirt, brick/block and other debris removed from construction sites.
  • Agricultural products, including sugar, lime and fertilizer.
  • Any bulk material requiring a dump truck—snow, road salt, wood chips, leaves, mulch, compost, brush, tree limbs/trunks, overburden, clinker, fly ash and dredging spoils.


A diverse fleet operated by safe, experienced independent drivers.

Kuhlman can meet your hauling needs with a full fleet of brokered trucks dispatched with a single phone call. Available truck types of all sizes, driven by experienced, reliable and safe drivers include:

  • Dump trucks—single-axle, tandems, tri-axles, quads and quins.
  • Semi-dumps.
  • Stone slingers.
  • Flatbeds and lowboys.
  • Roll-off trucks/boxes.
  • Cranes to lift trusses and beams.

One call to Kuhlman does it all.

trucking3At Kuhlman, we don’t rest until your job is done—whether you order 25 tons of stone from us or contract with us to move tens of thousands of tons of dirt. Our haulers have a well-earned reputation for being responsive and going the extra mile for our customers. Plus, we can often find dump sites for dirt and construction debris.

No job is too big or small for Kuhlman. We run according to your schedule. Our policy is to understand the needs of our customers and then exceed their expectations. To save you time, money and aggravation, we manage the job from beginning to end.

We strive to exceed our customer’s expectations

Kuhlman founder Adam Kuhlman built his company to withstand the tests of time. And it has, by supplying its customers with the diverse materials and products they require to thrive in today’s marketplace. Every day Kuhlman’s customers are challenged to do more with less. Kuhlman helps them meet their challenges by providing:

  • Customer Service: Courteous. Efficient. Accurate. Timely.
  • Expertise: Product knowledge. Practical application. Resource to the industry. Kuhlman University.
  • Quality: Products and services that perform as expected. Durable. Proven technologies. State-of-the-art materials.
  • Integrity: Stands by its word and products.
  • Forward Thinking: Reinvesting in people and plant. Planning for future growth. Ensuring long-term product availability.

Your Success is Our Future!

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